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Children's Trading Post

Established in 1995.

About Us

Mark and Sandra Fowler established Children's Trading Post in 1995.

  • Here is our story.

We had always wanted to own our own business, we just weren't sure what that business would be.  We had one child and one on the way when it occurred to me that it sure would be nice to have a place to go buy good quality used baby equipment.  Mark's mother kept our first baby while Mark and I worked.  She needed all the equipment necessary to care for an infant in her home, but to pay full price two times was more than our young family could afford.

When our children were 2 and 5 years old, Mark and I found ourselves in a position to give this baby business a try so we did.  It was 1995 and Children's Trading Post was born.

Mark's mother was always ready with a name list for naming our children and now with our business.  She did not succeed with coming up with our children's names but we thought Children's Trading Post was great.  We decided to use it.  After we had chosen our name, Mark's Mom called and said she wanted to withdraw one of her names - yes you guessed it, Children's Trading Post.  She said it sounded like we wanted to trade children.  We had to tell her that was the name we were using.  In the last 24 years we have been asked a few times about trading in children, and no we never have. 

We have been welcomed by Asheville and all of WNC. We have the best customers!  Thank you for a great 25 years.  We have watched many children grow and our customers have watched our children grow and that is the best part of our business- the children!  Thanks again.

Mark and Sandra Fowler